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Grossing Updates 2-14-2019


Make specific note of the relationship to EGJ for staging purposes:

The relationship of the tumor (or ulcer in treated cases) to the esophagogastric junction (EGJ)  MUST be explicitly stated for staging purposes as follows:

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Upcoming New Website!

The UChicago Gross Pathology Website will be moving to a new address!

The future site ( is under construction, so please excuse the incompleteness. Completion is estimated by June 1, 2019. 

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Grossing Updates November 2018

Bladder margins:

As ureter margins are not-infrequently missed at triage, please verify with a PA that you have properly acquired ureter margins at triage prior to immersion in formalin.

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Mesh Bags & Sponges

Dictate use of Mesh Bags or Sponges

In cases of tissue submission between sponges or in mesh bags, the use of mesh bags/sponges must be documented in the gross description. The standard templates in Dragon have been modified (see list below).

For grossers, any use of mesh bags or sponges NOT already in the templates must be added. Please update Dragon templates accordingly.

For pathologists, please be aware of this change in the final reports.

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Skin / Mucosal Excisions

For all skin or mucosal excisions for primary epidermal neoplasms (squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc), submit NO MORE than 1-2 sections per cassette in order to facilitate block-facing in histology.  This rule applies regardless of the site of origin. If you are unsure, ask an attending.

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Bullet Template Files Available Online!

  • The .dat files housing the bulleted templates are AVAILABLE HERE for download and import into Dragon.
  • Please visit the Dictation Template page.
  • ALL SUBSPECIALTIES are available.  
  • GI templates are still in prose-style, but they are updated and available.

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Intraoperative Consultation (Frozen Section)

How to handle dictation of an Intraoperative (Frozen Section) Diagnosis:

  • In the Gross Description: You should 1) dictate the the specimen was received "Fresh for intraoperative diagnosis" and 2) your text should reflect what was done to the tissue during the frozen and what component of the specimen was frozen.
  • In the Cassette Summary: You should note which cassettes contain frozen section remnants and what those remnants represent.

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