Monthly Gross Room Meeting

Surg Path Meeting 8-1-2017


  • Our first years have finished their first month of surgical pathology training; their responsibilities will now be increased:
  1. Two bigs per day will be assigned for grossing; please try to have those grossed by the 4 pm Bigs run. At the latest by 5 pm, so that you are available to help out in the gross room if needed. 7 pm is the latest you should have those grossed - there will be days where you are otherwise busy, but these days should be the exception rather than the rule. 
  2. The rest of the the first week of this month, the triage resident will be Shiraz, but the subsequent 3 weeks will be first years. This also means that for most of the time, the "backup" (Breast) grosser will also be a first year. Please consult with the PAs to see if you need to call back extra help at the end of the day.
  3. Don't forget that at the end of the week, it is your responsibility to transfer leftover cases to the next week's resident and attending (these are cases that you are not already signing out with your attending).


  • Please keep your grossing stations clean when you finish. Also, please do not unscrew the screw that holds the trim blade in place completely and if you do, re-tighten them after you remove the blade, as these screws are extremely expensive to replace and many have been lost in the last three weeks.


  • GI Service A and B are being more defined now. At the beginning of each day, the resident on service will transfer over 10 random GI/routines cases (don't pick and choose, please) to Service B. This number will increase to 15 random cases on Mondays to account for the increased weekend traffic. All bigs will automatically go to Service B unless the specimen was grossed by the resident on service. You are not judged negatively when you hand these cases off; this is the expectation.
  • If you are able to easily handle the Service A workload, you may feel free to preview the Service B cases as well and sign them out with the GI B attending. This way, you don't have to pass off additional learning opportunities if you can handle it. 
  • Dr. Cipriani will be gone the week of 08/07 and the week of 08/14. During the first week of her absence, please sign out thyroids/parathyroids with Dr. Antic; during the second week, please sign out these specimens with Dr. Mueller.

Surg Path Meeting 7-3-2017


  • July 4th (Tuesday) is a vacation for everyone; finish your bigs before the end of Wednesday.
  • First training month of the year is here; we will all do our best to keep the person covering GI service away from needing to return the gross room at 5pm, but be aware that some days, it may be necessary.
  • Our three first years this month are Melissa, Tim, and Ellen.
  • Their first week will be spent entirely within the gross room. Starting the second week, one person at a time will rotate out to observe preview and sign-out sessions. By the start of the third week (Monday, July 17th), they will start to cover their own service, with the responsibility of grossing one big per day.
  • First years will not be assigned as the gross room resident during the first month. 


  • Since this is a training month, we have fellows assigned during the first 2 weeks (the training period) to cover 4-hour shifts in the gross room. Their responsibilities are to : 
  1. Get experience reading frozens
  2. Teach first-years how to gross/function in the gross room
  3. Shifts are from 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm
  4. Disclaimer: they are NOT there to gross specimens; just to assist/teach
  • GI service is now split into "GI A" and "GI B"
  1. "GI A" is the main, busier service. All biopsies and routines will be accessioned to the resident on this service. Less experienced residents will have their biopsies/routines capped at 40 per day. More experienced residents will cover more and up to all the biopsies/routines each day. When you have seen your 40 for that day, you may place any additional biopsies/routines you receive in the "GI B" attending's box. (note: you don't have to transfer them over in CoPath; the attending will do that when they sign out the case).
  2. "GI B" is the supposed to be the ligher service, covering the overflow biopsies, consults, and any bigs that the resident did not gross. All bigs will be accessioned to the "GI B" attending. At the time of gross, the grossing resident will be responsible for assigning the specimen back to the "GI A" service attending and themselves. 
  • The new Dragon is not here yet, so please download and update the new templates for the current Dragon.


  • Rebecca is now a full service autopsy coverage tech
  • Most people should be aware now that Cytology specimen processing is now in the gross room; techs will be trained to cross-cover between Surg Path and Cytology (including aliquoting eventually)

Surg Path Meeting 6-1-2017


  • We are back to the full 6 residents covering Surg Path
  • On Friday, June 2nd: please finish signining out early and come to the gross room to start at 3pm and do as much as possible before 5pm. At that point, anything left over will be done on Saturday morning, during which there will be 4, instead of the usual 2, residents clearing everything.
  • Check out the service rotation schedule closely if you haven't been on in a few months.
  • Please discuss with the PAs around 5 pm to see how many people need to be called back to assist. 


  • The team helping us set up the new and improved Dragon will be starting this month.
  • Cytology accessioning/prep is now in the gross room. Charlene and Ghazal share an office.
  • Techs are being cross-trained between Cytology and Gross Room, so please be mindful / patient.
  • Biopsies are grossed by PAs and techs. Residents, this means your routine / large specimen volume will increase. 
  • The old scale by the where Decal used to be is now in the middle of the gross room by the pole behind the frozen cutting machines
  • Decal is now located in the middle of the grossing stations.

Tips (to help be more efficient)

  • When you are grossing, please gross things that will be submitted for histology that night before you do anything else, which means putting off all the "gross only," specimens that need to be decaled, etc. until after the histology pick-up time.
  • When you are triaging, please do not feel the need to write sentences and describe everything that you see; If you are, you might as well gross it. Especially if you're busy, take a good (emphasis on good) picture and all necessary measurements and whatever sections need to be taken fresh and move on. The grosser can look at the pictures you took to describe the fresh colors.
  • When you are doing bone marrows at 5:15 and you have multiple that need to start decaling in 15 minutes, you can measure them and write themeasurement on the corresponding sheet; dictate them in later after you place them in decal. (Just be careful and do not mix up specimens!)
  • Gross as many appropriate things fresh if you can. Ask a PA or attending if you are uncertain.
  • Please keep things clean and professional; it keeps the workplace safe and people happy!