Monthly Gross Room Meeting

Surg Path Meeting 4-2-2018

Excellent job last month with just five residents on surgical pathology. Thanks to our devoted PA student, Annie, for her help.

Please use the bigs assignment algorithm when assigning bigs. Refer to the algorithm on the website, and ask questions of senior residents/and or PAs if needed.

Recall that the new "IN" (Intraop) specimen class is used for specimens that are sent from the OR suites in the CCD and the "LD" specimen class for those that come from Labor & Delivery. These specimens still get a normal (S18-#####) surgical pathology number. However, occasional Histochemical or IHC stains are not orderable on these specimen classes. If you come across any such stains that are unorderable, please contact Dr. Cipriani, Charlene, or Julie Leanse to fix the problem.

Please double-check specimens for a"gross only" request on the requisition, to ensure that these are indeed being signed out as gross only, without submission for histology. If questions arise, ask a PA or attending.

Please don't use the diamond saw for arthroplasty specimens -- use the Stryker saw for these. The diamond saw is a delicate instrument, so please reserve it for specimens like mandibulectomies, osteochondroma resections, and other delicate bony specimens. The band saw (in the morgue) is for large bony tumor resections (femurs, tibias, humeri, etc).

USCAP 2018 Coverage Schedule

Cytology: 3/19-3/22 Andrea

Blood Bank: 3/19-3/22 Kyle

Autopsy: 3/19-3/22 Meredith

Surg Path Grossing:

  •  Saturday 3/17:  Zhen, Cindy, Ellen
  •  Monday 3/19:  5 PM Helper - Andrea
  •  Tuesday 3/20:  5 PM Helper - Andrea; Grossing 2 Bigs - Tim, Ben, Aarti
  •  Wednesday 3/21:  5 PM Helper - Meredith; Grossing 2 Bigs - Maryam, Tim, Ben
  •  Thursday 3/22:  5 PM Helper - Meredith; Grossing 2 Bigs - Maryam, Aarti, Joe

Surg Path Meeting 3-1-2018

For ALL residents: ask your attending, a fellow, a PA, or an experienced senior resident about any new, unusual, or difficult grossing specimens! And do so before you start cutting! Always always read the clinical notes, operative reports, and radiology reports for your specimens before you gross them. Encourage gross telepathology if applicable to faculty on the other side.

Our wonderful PA student, Annie, will continue to pick up bigs and routine specimens this month, at the assigning discretion of the PAs.

Maisha, a traveling PA, will be working in the gross room for the coming months, to help with our workflow.

USCAP starts on March 17, so multiple senior residents will be gone. A coverage schedule has been created and distributed for the days when residents are away. Please check this schedule so that you know well in advance what will be expected of you!

Please don't throw your tools away! These are not cheap... do a quick chuck check before you toss it out.

Remember to fill out the bone marrow log when you submit the cores for decal and when you place the cassettes in the Routines rack.