Monthly Gross Room Meeting

Surg Path Meeting 4-3-2017


  • Rachel is away 4/3-4/5
  • Saturday tech always present now (Hana or Bianca will alternate)


  • Only 5 on this month
  • The rotation schedule is not standard because there are only 5 residents; make sure you check the schedule to see what rotation you will be on


  • We are entering a trial of residents NOT grossing biopsies, which means when you go back to help, you will be grossing routines or leftover bigs.
  • We encourage grossing more specimens fresh. This specifically refers to 1) benign cases (such as fibroid/prolapsed uteri, IBD after brief 30 min fixation, etc) as well as 2) any specimen that was serially sectioned at triage for frozen or tissue bank (this goes for cancer cases also). 
  • Triage resident will gross @ 5PM instead of triage if there are specimens left to gross.
  • PAs will help with routines after biopsies are finished.
  • The grosser is now responsible for double-checking specimens at the bench (techs and PAs will no longer double check prior to grossing). This means the grosser is responsible for errors - so please make sure everything is in order! If you have questions on part types, patients, labels, etc - please ASK!
  • If you  need to communicate with the accessioner, ou can check who accessioned what specimen in “Pathology Inquiry”.
  • Check subspecialty service and attending/resident assigned when you gross; you may have to re-enter if you change part type.
  • No need to dictate the patient’s gender and age into the clinical history anymore (EXCEPT for GI). Any and all relevant clinical information should still be dictated.
  • Cytology is in the gross room – some things have been moved around so please be mindful and welcoming.
  • Triage into CoPath is OK if you make sure all numbers are correct. If you are afraid of CoPath deleting your data, either 1) print a copy of the gross to attach to case or 2) save a copy in a Word document. If you do not anticipate grossing the case the next day, make sure the grosser knows where your backup is. 
  • You can start grossing parts from cases that aren’t complete yet; just keep the paperwork with the un-grossed parts and don’t turn it in until the whole case is complete.
  • With this in mind, you can check what the OR logged into OpTime through the "Master Daily Schedule" > Select "UCH Master Daily Schedule" > Enter date of surgery in "Case Date Range" > Click Run > Select patient > Select "OR Surgery Report" in top right Report box > Click on Case ID # > Scroll to bottom under "Specimens" where Pathology specimens are listed.
  • Please be mindful of safety:
    • Do not leave blades out
    • Do not put blades into the enzyme cleaner
    • Be careful when you use the cryostat
    • Be mindful of eye safety


  • Update your Dragon files if you haven’t recently
  • Notify Nicole with any proposed changes / updates to Gross Manual
  • Continue to list unassigned bigs in your e-mails
  • Please turn the Faxitron off on Saturdays when you leave

Surg Path Meeting 3-1-2017

PA/Tech Staffing

  1. The week of March 4th, Charlene is away from the 6-8th, and Mike is away 9-10th
  2. The week of March 20th, Sarah is away all week and Rebecca is away 23-24th
  3. The week of March 27th, Rachel is away all week and Mike is away 28-31st
  4. One the days that PAs are away, Cory will be here one hour earlier until 7:30 as opposed to starting later and leaving at 8:30 to provide more help during the day
  5. Techs support will return to Saturday grossing days starting March 11th; the first two Saturdays (11th and 18th), either Kelsey or Rebecca will be there along with the new tech in order to show them the ropes
  6. This month is the Kayla’s (PA student) last month with us

Resident Staffing

  1. USCAP is this month, during the week of March 6th
  2. Zhen and Shiraz will be away 6-8th; make sure you note the coverage changes in the schedule


The rotation order adopted last month will continue (the numbers denote the priority of gross room helpers)

  1. Triage
  2. Breast (1)
  3. Gyne (4)
  4. ENT/BST (2)
  5. GU/Thoracic (3)
  6. GI (5)


  1. Please do not dictate the patient’s age or gender into the clinical history anymore. Just "The patient has [-] and is undergoing [-]. The reason is to avoid errors and subsequent amending of information that is alredy present within the report elsewhere.
  2. Also, please use the phrase “The patient has a history of…” only if they have truly had a history of it. If it a new problem, please dictate as “The patient has..." (or something along those lines)
  3. New instruments/tools are being ordered.
  4. Cytology is moving into the gross room in two weeks.
  5.  Please be mindful of safety:
    1. Do not leave blades out
    2. Do not put blades into the enzyme cleaner
    3. Be careful using the cryostat
    4. Please be mindful of eye safety
  6. Please turn the Faxitron off on Saturdays when you leave
  7. The cassette printer in the back (add-on #8) is fixed now


  1. When you go back to help at 5pm, do routines first followed by biopsies at 6 if needed
  2. Update your dragon files if you haven’t already
  3. If updates are needed to the manual, email Nicole & Sarah 
  4. With subspecialty boxes, make sure cases are being assigned to the right service at the time of gross
  5. Continue to list unassigned bigs in your e-mails

Surg Path Meeting 2-1-2017

  1. Staffing
    1. Charlene has been on vacation for the last few weeks; she will be back on Monday
    2. The PA student (Kayla) was gone all last month and is back now
    3. Two new techs: Bianca and Hana
    4. One new-ish tech: Camila
    5. Still no tech on Saturday; continue following weekend protocol
    6. Cory (usually goes until 8:30) now leaves at 7:30 - will stay on this schedule until Charlene returns
    7. PAs are bio-banking and doing derm in evenings, so there will still need to be help
    8. Sarah will be out for a three days after Charlene gets back
  2. Residents
    1. We finished our last training month of the year! Phil is a full-fledged surgical pathology resident now and will be doing 2 bigs
  3. Schedule
    1. The order of rotations has changed (i.e. the order to be called back to help in evening)
      1. Gross room
      2. BR
      3. GYN
      4. ENT/BST
      5. GU/THOR
      6. GI
    2. While Phil is on Saturday, there will still be 3 people on
  4. Updates
    1. If you go back to help in evening, do routines first (Biopsies after 6pm if necessary)
    2. The cassette printer in the back (add-on #8) is still out, should be fixed by end of week
    3. Update your dragon files if you haven’t recently
    4. Let Nicole and Sarah know if the online manual needs updates
    5. If you need help identifying signatures for frozens, there’s a photo of all the signatures on the manual
    6.  With subspecialty boxes, make sure things are being assigned to the right people!
    7. Unassigned bigs should be put in the emails