Monthly Gross Room Meeting

Surg Path Meeting 6-1-2018

If a specimen is sent for frozen section, but you do not actually end up doing a frozen section (i.e., you do either a 'gross only' or you don't do an intraoperative consult at all), then you must return the specimen to the front desk for modification of the accessioning.

If you do a frozen section after hours, when there is no tech present to accession the specimen, you must label all frozen slides with a patient-specific identifier (e.g., MRN) and a part-specific identifier (e.g., write out the part name from the surgical specimen container).

When you create an addendum in CoPath, please remember to add your attending and yourself to the "Procedure Pathologist" field for that specific addendum.

You will inevitably be grossing complex or new specimens throughout your residency, and the learning process is gradual. Please ask a senior resident, PA, or (even better) an attending about big specimens that you gross. It takes just a few short minutes, and it will save you time, hassle, and embarrassment later, while (most importantly) also ensuring that the specimen sign out can accurately reflect the patient's condition. 

Residents, please gross at the grossing stations at the "left" of the gross room, as the stations on the "right" are regularly occupied by the PAs.

Please triage specimens for your colleagues onto a paper sheet, not into CoPath. This way, original weights and measurements are preserved (without risk of being deleted in CoPath) in case questions arise.

Finally, please review the specific grossing instructions for biopsies in the grossing manual. As you know, residents should not be grossing biopsies any more, but if you do find yourself in that rare situation, there are guidelines for which types of biopsies go into mesh bags vs between sponges, how many cores per cassette, etc.

Surg Path Meeting 5-1-2018

The trauma center is opening today. If there is forensic-type material (i.e., potential evidence) that comes to the gross room, please alert Charlene immediately. We have evidence envelopes from the police department -- the PAs will gross the specimen (using no metal implements at all), and the specimen will then be delivered to med legal. The police will pick it up from med legal. If there are any issues at all surrounding potential legal or forensic cases, you must consult a PA before dealing with the issue. If there are surgical specimens (i.e., organs) that come with features of trauma (bullet wounds, stab wounds, traumatic injury), please be particularly diligent in photographing and describing these specimens.

Our temporary PA, Maisha, is still with us and will stay through the end of the CAP window (July 2 - October 2). As an hourly employee, Maisha leaves promptly at 7 PM -- please do not ask her to stay later than this! Rachel returns on May 8. 

PPE: Please wear solid shoes -- no mesh gym ghoes, no open-toed shoes.  If you happen on a given day to only have mesh gym shoes, please wear shoe covers for the entire time you are in the gross room. And remember to always wear your lab coat and eye protection.

The secondary number for the gross room is 773-834-8674. Call this number on off-hours or weekends if you need to get through to the gross room. This is a number that is internal to our department only, so please do not share this number with others outside of our department.

Please do not triage specimens directly into CoPath, unless you are certain that you are going to actually gross that specimen yourself. Use a paper triage sheet, as this provides a good source to double check gross specimen parameters on questions that come up at gross or sign out.

Surg Path Meeting 4-2-2018

Excellent job last month with just five residents on surgical pathology. Thanks to our devoted PA student, Annie, for her help.

Please use the bigs assignment algorithm when assigning bigs. Refer to the algorithm on the website, and ask questions of senior residents/and or PAs if needed.

Recall that the new "IN" (Intraop) specimen class is used for specimens that are sent from the OR suites in the CCD and the "LD" specimen class for those that come from Labor & Delivery. These specimens still get a normal (S18-#####) surgical pathology number. However, occasional Histochemical or IHC stains are not orderable on these specimen classes. If you come across any such stains that are unorderable, please contact Dr. Cipriani, Charlene, or Julie Leanse to fix the problem.

Please double-check specimens for a"gross only" request on the requisition, to ensure that these are indeed being signed out as gross only, without submission for histology. If questions arise, ask a PA or attending.

Please don't use the diamond saw for arthroplasty specimens -- use the Stryker saw for these. The diamond saw is a delicate instrument, so please reserve it for specimens like mandibulectomies, osteochondroma resections, and other delicate bony specimens. The band saw (in the morgue) is for large bony tumor resections (femurs, tibias, humeri, etc).