Monthly Gross Room Meeting

February 1, 2018

Just a few brief reminders from this month's surgical pathology meeting:

Please be conscious of your chucks and other materials before tossing them into the trash, and make sure that you are not throwing out any tools, equipment, or tissue with your waste!

We will be having a number of radioactive (Yttrium-90) liver specimens coming in. Please be aware of this, and consult with Charlene regarding the specifics of how these specimens are to be handled.

Junior residents, please remember to consult your seniors on any challenging or interesting cases!

Finally, as an aside, please remember that we need to get all of our autopsies signed out within 60 calendar days! Histology lab turnaround time has dramatically improved lately, so it's on the residents to make sure that we are diligently work these cases up and get them to attendings well ahead of this deadline!  There's nothing to gain from delaying your write-ups of the case, and it puts us at a high risk of missing our signout deadlines.

Surg Path Meeting 1-1-2018


We are finally done with the training months of this academic year! Everybody is now a fully trained surgical pathology resident, so I expect this to be a fairly smooth month.

Please update your templates if you haven't been on service since October.

In regard to putting in the age and gender of the patient in your clinical histories, feel free to do so as long as you get it right. Otherwise, you are still required to provide that information for at least GI and Dr. Pytel's cases.

Make sure you clean up after yourself and try to make sure not to misplace your tools; supplies have been disappearing lately and they are expensive to replace.

Zhen is the only senior resident on service this month, so he will always be available for grossing questions and issues that come up on Saturdays


We have a PA student, Annie, who will continue to be with us for the next few months; she may be in and out as she interviews for jobs during the month.

We have a new tech, Stella Siu, who will be training during this month.


Surg Path Meeting 8-1-2017


  • Our first years have finished their first month of surgical pathology training; their responsibilities will now be increased:
  1. Two bigs per day will be assigned for grossing; please try to have those grossed by the 4 pm Bigs run. At the latest by 5 pm, so that you are available to help out in the gross room if needed. 7 pm is the latest you should have those grossed - there will be days where you are otherwise busy, but these days should be the exception rather than the rule. 
  2. The rest of the the first week of this month, the triage resident will be Shiraz, but the subsequent 3 weeks will be first years. This also means that for most of the time, the "backup" (Breast) grosser will also be a first year. Please consult with the PAs to see if you need to call back extra help at the end of the day.
  3. Don't forget that at the end of the week, it is your responsibility to transfer leftover cases to the next week's resident and attending (these are cases that you are not already signing out with your attending).


  • Please keep your grossing stations clean when you finish. Also, please do not unscrew the screw that holds the trim blade in place completely and if you do, re-tighten them after you remove the blade, as these screws are extremely expensive to replace and many have been lost in the last three weeks.


  • GI Service A and B are being more defined now. At the beginning of each day, the resident on service will transfer over 10 random GI/routines cases (don't pick and choose, please) to Service B. This number will increase to 15 random cases on Mondays to account for the increased weekend traffic. All bigs will automatically go to Service B unless the specimen was grossed by the resident on service. You are not judged negatively when you hand these cases off; this is the expectation.
  • If you are able to easily handle the Service A workload, you may feel free to preview the Service B cases as well and sign them out with the GI B attending. This way, you don't have to pass off additional learning opportunities if you can handle it. 
  • Dr. Cipriani will be gone the week of 08/07 and the week of 08/14. During the first week of her absence, please sign out thyroids/parathyroids with Dr. Antic; during the second week, please sign out these specimens with Dr. Mueller.