Surg Path Meeting 1-3-17

Happy New Year!

To catch up on changes and updates that took place since the last time you were on surg path, please review the blog posts from the last few months.

  • Welcome new techs Hana and Bianca (starting 1-11)
  • Charlene will be out 1-14 to 2-6
  • Phillip will be training in January-February

Gross Room Helpers: Helper residents that come in at 5 PM are instructed to focus on routines and bigs until 6 PM. Then, if necessary, they should grab any leftover biopsies that need to be on by 7 PM. Thursday and Friday are the exceptions: 1) Prostate biopsies on Thursdays and two Fridays a month; 2) no accessioning cut-off time on Friday.

In the daily email regarding bigs assignments, you do not have to list the unassigned/leftover bigs, but please group them separately on the bench for easier identification by the PAs and techs. Continue to include the evening helpers and the time they spent helping. Refer to the manual for bigs assignment guidelines:

Cases are now being distributed to subspecialty boxes. Double check subspecialty accessioning at gross (subspecialty field located in Accession, Histology Data, and Final Diagnosis). If there are errors in accessioning of cases, please provide case numbers to Charlene. If there are errors in placement of slides into boxes, please provide case numbers to Ryan

Update your Dragon templates. Refer to the manual for how to update your Dragon user files:

To give a better indication of the relative responsibiltiies of the grossers to a case, make sure the primary grosser's name is listed as the first grosser. The triager and/or grossers of "minor" parts such as lymph nodes / margins should follow the primary grosser. 

If you choose to triage into CoPath, put your name in as a grosser and make sure the numeric measurements are dictated correctly.