Surg Path Meeting 12-1-16

Happy December! In the daily bigs email, please also include the evening helpers and the time they spent helping. No need to list the unassigned bigs in the email. Just make sure they are grouped separately on the bench. To remind yourself of bigs assigning guidelines – please check the manual:

A reminder that cases are now being placed in subspecialty boxes. Please double check subspecialty accessioning at gross (subspecialty field located in Accession, Histology Data, and Final Diagnosis). If there are errors in accessioning of cases, please provide case numbers to Charlene. If there are errors in placement of slides into boxes, please provide case numbers to Ryan.

There are Dragon and manual updates (including pancreas). Please consult the manual for the updates and also for updating your Dragon user files.

If triaging into CoPath please put your name in as grosser and make sure your numeric measurements are CORRECT.  At the time of gross, please make sure the primary grosser’s name is the top gross pathologist. The triager should be second. Same for grossers of “minor” parts such as lymph nodes / margins – they should be second...third.