Surg Path Meeting 2-1-2017

  1. Staffing
    1. Charlene has been on vacation for the last few weeks; she will be back on Monday
    2. The PA student (Kayla) was gone all last month and is back now
    3. Two new techs: Bianca and Hana
    4. One new-ish tech: Camila
    5. Still no tech on Saturday; continue following weekend protocol
    6. Cory (usually goes until 8:30) now leaves at 7:30 - will stay on this schedule until Charlene returns
    7. PAs are bio-banking and doing derm in evenings, so there will still need to be help
    8. Sarah will be out for a three days after Charlene gets back
  2. Residents
    1. We finished our last training month of the year! Phil is a full-fledged surgical pathology resident now and will be doing 2 bigs
  3. Schedule
    1. The order of rotations has changed (i.e. the order to be called back to help in evening)
      1. Gross room
      2. BR
      3. GYN
      4. ENT/BST
      5. GU/THOR
      6. GI
    2. While Phil is on Saturday, there will still be 3 people on
  4. Updates
    1. If you go back to help in evening, do routines first (Biopsies after 6pm if necessary)
    2. The cassette printer in the back (add-on #8) is still out, should be fixed by end of week
    3. Update your dragon files if you haven’t recently
    4. Let Nicole and Sarah know if the online manual needs updates
    5. If you need help identifying signatures for frozens, there’s a photo of all the signatures on the manual
    6.  With subspecialty boxes, make sure things are being assigned to the right people!
    7. Unassigned bigs should be put in the emails