Surg Path Meeting 2-1-2019

In continuation of recent changes, residents (and PA students) are responsible for grossing all bigs. On Mon-Thur, one resident helper (typically breast service) will gross routines from 5-7pm, while the triage resident manages frozens and triage. On Mon only, the breast service resident will communicate with the HN/BST service resident to determine who will serve as helper, depending on receipt/sign-out of breast cases that afternoon.

For bigs, a sticker should be placed on the triage sheet and scanned at the photo station (to eliminate typos and photo archiving errors). Extra stickers will be printed up-front to faciliate this.

As a reminder, if a specimen requires a larger container, either A) peel the OR sticker off of the initial container and affix it to the new larger container, or B) keep the original container (with OR sticker) with the new container for the duration of grossing, and then return the specimen to original container.

Another reminder, please fill out all fields on the frozen sheet during a frozen. At time of gross, please dictate all information (as per Grossing Manual), and ask for help with unclear text etc.

Suggestion for residents: Keep track of how many weeks of each subspecialty service you've completed, which you can use to gauge your over-/ under-representation of services and then make future scheduling requests to try to even out your experience.