Surg Path Meeting 9-4-2018

Our temporary PA, Maisha, will be back on September 17. Her contract has been extended for another 12 months.

Please be sure to diligently and carefully document frozen section results in the intraoperative section of the CoPath report. In the gross description and cassette summary, also remember to document what was frozen (especially in larger specimens that may not have been entirely submitted for frozen).

For billing and diagnostic purposes, be sure to document decalcification in the cassette summary. ALWAYS add a Decal "stain" in CoPath under the Histology Data Entry/Edit function. ONE Decal "stain" is sufficient per CONTAINER (you do NOT need a separate Decal order for each cassette).

Please make sure that you are not throwing away tools with your grossing chucks.

We may be moving toward a system wherein residents preview only four placentas per day, and the rest of the placentas go directly to the on-service attending.  This is to improve the efficiency of residents' education, while also facilitating turnaround time.  Please stay tuned, and ask your gyn attending if you have any questions.

Many residents have reported problems with the add-on engraver in the back of the gross room. If you encounter problems, please ask a PA or a tech, who should be able to help you remedy the issues.

We have finally secured access to the hospital scrub machines, to wear the misty green scrubs on surgical pathology and on autopsy.  Each resident will have two scrub credits, to check out scrubs from the machines.  All residents should have submitted their badges by now, to have scan access to the machines.  As a reminder, these scrubs are to be worn only in the hospital, and when you are in transit within the hospital, you should have a white coat on over your scrubs.


  • We finally have a contract on the new Dragon system, which should be implemented soon, and should significantly improve dictation during grossing / previewing. 
  • Dr. Krausz is working to get all of the residents 2x objectives for their microscopes. 
  • We are currently scheduled to have a new morgue built in the basement level of Comer.  This should be happening by July 2019.