Dictation Templates

Bullet-point style dictation templates are now being used for many specimen types. Please download the master file (10-24-17) and import the templates into Dragon. This file is also found in the M drive > Fellows_Residents > Dragon


Instructions for cleaning and updating your Dragon profile can be found in three spots:

1. In a Power Point the M drive > Fellows_Residents > Dragon.

2. In the linked Power Point (with illustrations).

3. Below:

  • Download and save the master file (linked above).
  • In the Dragon tool bar, select Tools > Command Browser
  • Select all commands in the "user-defined" category and DELETE ALL.
  • Under the Task pane on the left side of the screen select Manage > Import
  • Browse to the location of your saved .dat file
  • Select the file you wish to import; click Open
  • A screen will pop up with check boxes and commands; click Import
  • If successful, you should get an instant “My Commands successfully imported” notification in a pop up box
  • If all your commands are DUPLICATED, please select all and DELETE ALL. Then re-import the .dat file.


Nickname Specimen Type


"female patient gyne" Female gynecologic history
"container" number of containers
"outreach specimen" outreach container
"generic bullet" nonspecific tissue
"generic biopsy bullet" general biopsy
"lymph node bullet" lymph node dissection
"lymph node levels bullet" neck lymph node dissection
"core biopsy bullet" core biopsies
"gross only bullet" gross only specimen
"frozen diagnosis" Intraop Diagnosis wording


"prostate 12 part" 12-15 part prostate biopsy
"prostate 2 part" 2 part prostate biopsy
"foreskin" foreskin
"hernia sac" hernia sac
"kidney partial nephrectomy" partial nephrectomy
"kidney radical nephrectomy" radical nephrectomy
"kidney transplant nephrectomy" explant
"kidney pediatric nephrectomy" pediatric nephrectomy
"prostate bullet" prostatectomy
"bladder bullet" cystectomy OR cystoprostatectomy 
"adrenal bullet" adrenalectomy
"penis bullet" penectomy
"testis benign bullet" benign (medical) orchiectomy
"testis tumor bullet" orchiectomy for tumor


"ECC" endocervical curettage
"EMC" endometrial curettage
"endometrial biopsy" endometrial biopsy
"cervical biopsy" cervical biopsy
"LEEP or cone" LEEP or cone
"myomectomy" removal of leiomyomas
"Myosure bullet" removal of leiomyoma fragments
"uterus benign" uterus, benign
"uterus cervical cancer" uterus, cervical cancer
"uterus endometrial cancer" uterus, endometrial cancer
"ovaries and tubes prophylactic" prophylactic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
"ovary and tube tumor" ovary
"fallopian tube bullet" fallopian tube
"vulva bullet" vulvectomy

Head & Neck

"thyroid with nodule bullet" thyroid with nodule(s)
"thyroid no nodule bullet" thyroid with no dominant nodule
"parathyroid frozen bullet" parathyroid with frozen
"parathyroid routine bullet" parathyroid without frozen
"tonsil benign bullet" tonsil(s) & adenoids, benign
"tonsil tumor bullet" tonsil, for tumor
"larynx bullet" total larnygectomy
"partial tongue bullet" tongue, simple ellipse excision
"salivary bullet" salivary gland resection
"sinus contents bullet" sinus contents
"nasal septum bullet" nasal septum
"lymph node levels bullet" neck lymph node dissection

GI (prose templates)

"1 bit biopsy"
"2 bit biopsy"
"10 bit biopsy"
GI biopsies in formalin
"liver biopsy" liver core biopsy
"appendix template" appendectomy, prose
"esophagus tumor resection" esophagus tumor, prose
"stomach tumor resection" stomach tumor, prose
"stomach obesity" stomach for obesity, prose
"benign bowel" small or large bowel, no tumor, prose
"small bowel tumor resection" small bowel tumor, prose
"colon tumor resection" colon tumor, prose
"rectal tumor resection" rectal tumor, prose
"colon diverticulitis" colon diverticulitis, prose
"colon resection UC" ulcerative colitis colectomy, prose
"Crohns ileocecectomy" Crohn's ileocecectomy, prose
"Crohns neo ileocecectomy" Crohn's neo-ileocecectomy, prose
"gallbladder template" gallbladder, prose
"liver partial resection" liver wedge resection or partial resection, prose
"liver explant" liver explant, prose
"pancreas whipple" Whipple, prose
"pancreas distal resection" Distal pancreatectomy, prose

Bone & Soft Tissue

"herniated disc" herniated intervertebral disc
"lamina" laminectomy
"amputation AKA" above knee amputation
"amputation BKA" below knee amputation
"amputation digit" finger(s) or toe(s) amputation
"amputation transmetatarsal" transmetatarsal amputation
"joint hip" hip or shoulder arthroplasty for ANY reason
"joint knee" knee arthroplasty
"bone curettings bullet" bone curettage
"bone tumor bullet" bone tumor resection
"chest wall mass" chest wall mass resection
"skin biopsy bullet" punch or shave biopsy
"skin oriented bullet" oriented skin ellipse
"skin unoriented bullet" unoriented skin ellipse
"soft tissue oriented bullet" oriented soft tissue excision
"soft tissue unoriented bullet" unoriented soft tissue excision
"soft tissue lipoma" lipoma excision
"gross only bullet" hardware or foreign body

Peds & Perinatal

"POC bullet" POCs with or without fetal parts
"POC mole" molar pregnancy
"fetus bullet" fetus
"ectopic pregnancy" tubal pregnancy
"placenta single bullet" singleton placenta
"placenta twin bullet" twin placenta
"placenta triplet bullet" triplet placenta bullet
"adrenal bullet" adrenalectomy (can use for peds or adult)
"kidney pediatric nephrectomy" pediatric nephrectomy
"Hirschsprung bullet" resection for Hirschsprung (not biopsy)


"breast biopsy" core biopsy bullet
"breast sentinel node frozen" sentinel lymph node, frozen
"breast sentinel node permanent" sentinel lymph node, non frozen
"breast lumpectomy" lumpectomy bullet
"breast simple mastectomy" simple mastectomy bullet
"breast modified radical mastectomy" modified radical mastectomy bullet
"breast sparing mastectomy" skin or nipple sparing mastectomy bullet
"breast prophylactic mastectomy" prophylactic mastectomy bullet
"breast reduction" bilateral breast reduction bullet
"breast terminal duct excision" simple terminal duct excision bullet
"breast fixation" fixed for 6-72 hours


"heart biopsy" heart biopsy bullet
"heart explant" heart explant bullet
"heart valve aortic" native aortic valve bullet
"heart valve mitral" native mitral valve bullet
"heart valve prosthetic" prosthetic valve bullet
"lung explant" lung medical explant bullet
"lung resection" lobectomy/pneumonectomy bullet
"lung wedge tumor" wedge resection (for tumor) bullet
"lung wedge medical" wedge biopsy (for medical or bullae) bullet
"pleura biopsy" pleural biopsy/decortication bullet
"pleura resection" pleurectomy for meso bullet
"thymectomy bullet" thymectomy bullet


"heme standard bone marrow" 2 containers: 1 core biopsy and 1 aspirate
"heme aspirate only" 1 container: aspirate
"heme bone marrow only" 1 container: core biopsy
"heme bone marrow 2" 2 containers: both core biopsies
"heme bone marrow 3" 2 containers: 2 core biopsies and 1 aspirate