Gross Only

Triage & Gross

  • These specimens should be grossed the same day they are received.
  • Please wait until after all other work is done before working on gross-only specimens.
  • Some gross-only specimens require photographs; others do not. These specimens are listed on the right. Please consult the Photography page for additional tips on good Photography!
  • Do not put formalin on any cardiac related hardware. See a PA or AP Tech if you have questions.
  • Measure and describe the pieces, being sure to dictate any alphanumeric markings present on the objects. 
  • In the event that significant amounts of soft tissue are present, consider submitting for histologic examination.
  • If there are no additional parts for which histology is submitted, please remember to enter the Final Diagnosis into CoPath and send the case to the Attending's worklist:

Specimen; procedure:
    - Surgical hardware (gross examination only).

Specimen; procedure:
    - Foreign object (gross examination only).