Histology Processing Runs

A representative from the Histology Lab picks up cassettes at the following times:

Pickup Times

Time of Pickup Racks Picked Up
10 am "Rush" Biopsies
11 am Routines, if needed 
12 pm "Rush" Biopsies
2 pm "Rush" Biopsies
4 pm Bigs, Fats
7 pm Biopsies, Routines, Bigs
2 pm Saturday Everything

Please be mindful of these times. Pickups will occur promptly. If you are not finished grossing a case when pickups occur, you can submit the cassettes that are ready, and the remainder on the next run.

Processing Runs

Cassettes should be placed in Biopsies, Routines, Bigs, or Fats racks depending on the tissue type and size. A "biopsy" specimen does not necessarily go on a Biopsy processing rack (Examples include bone marrow or breast biopsies that go on Routines rack). A "routine" specimen does not necessarily go on a Routine processing rack (Examples include large parathyroids or tonsils that go on Bigs rack). A "big" specimen does not necessarily go on a Bigs processing rack (Examples include skin with abundant subcutanous fat which goes on Fats rack).

The size of your tissue should determine on which processing rack you submit your cassettes. Please ask if unsure!