The Surgical Pathology service consists of approximately 30,000 cases per year, including in-house and consult cases.  The service runs on the cooperative efforts of multiple individuals throughout the hospital.


Resident on Call (pager 7054)

  • Daytime (8 am to 7 pm): Gross Room resident is on call
  • Evenings (7 pm to 8 am): LMROC is on call (pager 7910)
  • Weekends: LMROC is on call (pager 7910)

Attending on Call

  • Morning (8 am to 1 pm)
  • Afternoon / Evening (1 pm to 8 am) and Weekend
  • Check quarterly schedule for specific attendings

LIS on Call

After Hours Specimens

  • Gross Room dumbwaiter receives specimens from CCD OR and is operational 24-7.
  • Gross Room tube station (212/230) receives specimens from COMER or DCAM and is operational:
    • Weekdays: 7 am to 6:59 pm
    • Saturday: 7 am to 2:59 pm
  • Specimens sent via tube outside of these hours (Weekdays 7 pm to 6:59 am, Saturday 3 pm through Monday 6:59 am) are re-routed to Central Lab Receiving / Lab Service Center (TW-005, tube 201/301) in the Mitchell sub-basement.
  • After hours CCD frozens can be sent via the dumb waiter.
  • After hours DCAM or Comer frozens should NOT be tubed. OR staff should hand-carry the specimen to the gross room, or arrange for transport. The Surgical Pathology Resident on call should be paged.
  • Other permanent specimens obtained after hours are held in the operating room refrigerators or tubed to Central Lab Receiving (if size allows).